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Parallel Park

One of the manoeuvres that you may be asked to carry out on your test is known as the reverse (parallel) park exercise.

To carryout the exercise you move off and stop alongside and slightly in front of the donor or target vehicle. On stopping select reverse gear then apply the handbrake. Take effective observation around the vehicle and if it is safe release the handbrake and move backwards slowly and under clutch control.

When you see the end of the donor vehicle in the nearside rear window, referred to as point x, turn the steering wheel one complete turn to the left. When point x appears in the nearside front window turn the steering wheel one complete turn to the right to straighten your vehicle.

When the front of your car is at point x check in the nearside mirror for the kerb and turn the steering to the full right lock. As you car straightens steer to the left to straighten and observe through the front window and stop within 2 car lengths from the donor vehicle. Secure your vehicle by applying the handbrake and selecting neutral. Be sure to keep taking effective observation throughout the entire exercise.